Set Up the Apple Store for your Bushel-Powered App 

This article explains how to create a company Apple ID and a Developer account, tie in the Apple ID with the App Store, and how to add the Bushel Team as an account user.

Before you begin:

The App store requires a $99 yearly fee, so have a company payment option on hand. Also, have a company iPhone, iPad, or Mac on hand. We strongly recommend using a device that belongs to your organization, if available. 

Setting up the App Store is essential for allowing growers to access your app from an iPhone device. By creating an Apple ID and Developer account, you will have permission to administer your Bushel-powered app in the App Store. By adding the Bushel Team to the account, they can upload your app and update your app as new features are developed.

Create Your Company's Apple Account

  1. Create an Apple ID using a company email address at
    1. Be sure you have 2-Factor Authentication turned on in Security Settings.
  2. Create a Developer Account at using your new company Apple ID as the login.
  3. Select the account type "Company/Organization Account" when prompted.
  4. Find your organization’s DUNS number at
    1. Your DUNS number is a Dun & Bradstreet tracking number that is assigned to each business to enable a credibility measure for businesses worldwide.
  5. Connect your Apple ID with the App Store by logging into App Store Connect at
    1. Turn 2-Factor Authentication on at to ensure maximum security.

Adding The Bushel Team as an App Store User 

  1. Log in to App Store Connect at
  2. Go to "Users and Access" and click "Add" to add an additional user. 
  3. Enter the following:

First: Bushel

Last: Myriad


Roles: Admin (All Apps)


You have successfully set up the App Store for iOS by creating an Apple ID, tying it to the App Store, and adding the Bushel team as an App Store User. 


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