Contracts Feature: Benefits for Grain Buyers

Read about the advantages of being a grain buyer in the Bushel Network.

  • Being part of the Bushel Network (e.g. offering grain account access to your farmer customers via a Bushel mobile app or web portal) makes it easier and more desirable for farmers to do business with you.
  • Not only can they access all of their grain account data through your Bushel-powered mobile app and/or web portal (and sign contracts, make offers, and stay informed via notifications), now they can automate the entry of cash grain contracts they have with you into Bushel Farm – no typing required! 
  • Once their contracts are in Bushel Farm, powerful automation aggregates that data to generate an up-to-date marketing position and calculates the profitability of contracts based on cost of production and current market prices.
  • Farmers who know their cost of production and marketing position are more likely to submit firm offers and sell grain on forward contracts, a win for both the farmer and the grain buyer.