Communicate with your Growers with Bushel Push Notifications

Keep users engaged with a well executed Push Notification! Market Alerts, USDA Reports, Outages, Reminders, Hour Updates & More…

“When I send the growers a push notification through our app it is our name that comes up on their phones. Our branding is consistently there and the farmers remember to call and give us a chance.”

“It is nice to send a quick message when a phone call is not necessary. This gives them a reason to call me.”

Kayla McMackin - Central Farmers Cooperative

Go to Notifications in the Bushel Hub

Click Notifications (under APP MGMT) on the left side of the screen. 

Click + Notification in the upper right corner.

Global Send or By Locations

Designate who you would like the notification to go to in the TO drop down menu. 

Global Send - Send notifications to all users, logged in or not. 

All Locations - Send notifications to all users that are logged in. 

Location Specific - Send notifications to users with tickets/contracts at the selected location.

Search Grower

Designate who you would like the notification to go to in the TO drop down menu. 

Specific customers can be found by keying in their Name, Phone Number or Account ID.

Draft Subject & Body

The Subject will appear above the body of the message in bold. 

The Body should contain the main message to your users.

Add Web Link (Optional)

A web URL can be added in the Link field to direct your users to an external webpage.

Button Text will conceal the URL with bold hyperlinked text.

Open Link External (Optional)

If checked, the push notification will open directly to the linked URL. 

If unchecked, the push notification will allow the user to read the message in the app and click the link from there to visit the URL.

Schedule (Optional)

Scheduling a send time can be done by selecting the Date, Time, and Timezone you would like the message to go out at.

Click Submit

That's it! The push notification is now off to inform your growers of valuable news from your company! It is important to note that for growers to see these notifications on their phone home screen, they need to have push notifications enabled for their app. For more information on how they can enable push notifications, click here.