Capture User Information From Failed Logins

Quickly identify and follow up with customers trying to login into your mobile app or web portal.

Wondering how you can reach out to customers who may be trying to login to your mobile app or web portal but are experiencing some problems? Bushel's Account Not Found flow (in the mobile app*) guides the user through a simple process that will capture their information so you can follow up and support them, helping grow your adoption even further. 

*Please Note - We are working to have this flow added to the Web Portal, more to come! 

In the mobile app, The user will enter their mobile number and text message code. If they entered a phone number that isn’t connected to their account(s) in your accounting system (ERP) they'll be directed to enter their name and location. If there is more than one location option in the app, a drop-down list will appear.

These fields are required in the mobile app; however, there is nothing to stop a user from simply exiting the app and not filling out the required fields. 

See example below:

Upon completion of the Account Not Found screen, your users will be taken back to the Menu page. When they navigate to any feature that requires an account to be connected such as: Scale Tickets, Contracts, etc. they will see the below screen directing them to call you for assistance and to update their account. 

The “Account Not Found” report is sent out each morning from: If you don’t believe you’re receiving this please reach out to your Customer Success Manager. 

Below are a few examples of what the reports could look like:

Example 1 - 

None - This means you didn’t have any users try to log in that faced any issues. 

Example 2 - 

Name and Location Provided - This user just entered her first name and last initial along with the location. 

Example 3 - 

Number Only - This could mean that the user swiped out of the app and chose to not fill out the required information. It could also mean this user tried to login to your Web Portal and doesn’t have their phone number on their account. Still, a great user to reach out to.

It is important to note again that the ‘Account Not Found’ flow is only in the mobile apps today and not in the Web Portal. With that being said, we highly recommend following up with anyone who shows up on your daily Account Not Found report because those users may have been trying to access your Web Portal. Note that the WebPortal does log phone numbers only today, but will soon capture both name and location.  

This is a very easy way to be proactive and help your users get access to their data! We highly recommend that you review this report daily and follow up with those users. Get the most out of your Bushel-powered app by ensuring all your users get access to their data!

If you have any questions about this report or process please reach out to your Customer Success Manager!