Capture User Information From Failed Logins

Quickly identify and follow up with potential new customers who are trying to log into the app.

Wondering how you can reach out to customers who may be trying to log into your app but are experiencing some problems? Bushel's failed login flow guides the user through a simple process that'll let you capture their information so you can follow up and support them.

If a user incorrectly enters their information (or if it doesn't exist in the system), they'll be directed to enter their name and location. If there is more than on location option in the app, a drop-down list will appear.

#1 Screen - Updated Log-In Flow
These fields are required:

# 2 Screen - Updated Log-In Flow
Upon successful completion, your users will be notified to expect a call from your facility.

#3 Screen - Updated Log-In Flow


A daily report will be sent to you each morning with the information you need to reach out and provide support.

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