Contracts Feature: The Farmer's View

An overview of the farmer's view of automated grain contracts in Bushel Farm

  • Shortly after connecting their accounts, their cash grain contracts will populate in the Contracts feature of Bushel Farm. 
  • They will see a list of all of their contracts sorted by delivery date, with those with the furthermost future delivery date showing first in the list. This is the default view and the same view that farmers see in the Bushel-powered web portal offered by grain buyers.
    • If desired, they can sort by buyer and commodity as well as delivery date.
    • There are also filtering options to help them pinpoint specific contracts.
    • Contracts populated automatically from buyers in the Bushel Network will be marked with a Bushel icon for easy identification.
  • Like the Bushel-powered web portal, they can click on an individual contract to view more details.