How to make a one-time payment

Instantly send payments to your farmer for anything from ag retail to a deferred contract.

  1. Using your login credentials, sign in to the Bushel Admin Tool
  2. Select the 'Payments' option within the menu located on the left side of your screen
  3. Under the 'Payments' menu, select 'Make Payments' and a search bar will appear at the top of the screen
  4. Search for the payment recipient by name or phone number (please note that the farmer must have successfully completed the Bushel Wallet onboarding process)
  5. Farmer results appear below the search bar; use past settlements to ensure that you're selecting the correct recipient
  6. On the bottom right, select 'Make One-Time Payment' and provide the relevant payment details on the pop-up screen 
  7. After completing each field, select 'Review' and double-check that all of the information is accurate
  8. To complete the transaction, select 'Make Payment'
  9. The details of the transaction will populate on the right side of the screen and will also be available under 'Payment History' under the 'Payments' menu