Enter an Offer

Easily make an offer on behalf of your growers following these steps.


  1. Click the trade account dropdown located under the cash trade widget.
  2. Select the grower's account by searching for the name in the top search box.
  3. Select the location and commodity.
    1. By default, the "Sell" button will be highlighted when a grower is selected.
  4. Select the contract type, and type in the desired price.
    1. Clicking on the adjacent arrows will adjust the price a quarter-cent.
  5. Input your bushels.
    1. Notice that the delivery period and basis are automatically inserted from your bids.
  6. Select the duration.
    1. Bushel Trade currently supports Good til Cancel (GTC), Active During Day (DAY), or Good-till-Date (GTL) offers.
    2. Selecting Good-till-Date will present a monthly calendar for you to enter the predetermined end date. Only tradable days will be available for this selection.