Authenticating User Identity When Logging in to Bushel Mobile

Bushel uses the latest technology to ensure secure, convenient user access and authentication. Discover how these protocols slightly change the login experience by reading below.

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Install "Your Elevator App" from the App or Play Store

Search for your elevator's app in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store

Select Login

Click the "Login" link in the navigation menu. You'll notice a new window will display, prompting you to enter your phone number in the login screen (this new window initiates the Keycloak authentication). 

Enter your Phone Number

Enter your phone number with area code and click "Next." Our system will send you a text message containing a secure access code.

Enter Code

Enter the confirmation code that was sent to your device and click "Let's Go".

If you do not see your account information after you log in, contact your grain facility to ensure that your information is correct in their system