Log in to the Web Portal as a Grower

A step-by-step guide to the easy and secure way growers can log in to the web portal.



  1. To view your login information and begin interacting with your data, enter your phone number in the login screen and click "Continue."
    1. When you do, the system will notify you that a text message has been sent to the phone number you entered containing a security code that you'll need to complete the login process. A green message will appear to let you know when the code has been successfully sent.
    2. If the system is experiencing technical issues or your phone number isn't recognized, a red message will appear advising you to try again by clicking the "Send Again" link below the sign-up button, or to contact your facility manager to receive support.
  2. Once you receive the text, return to the web portal screen, enter the six-digit code into the field below, and click "Sign in."
  3. A successful login will direct you to the scale tickets page of your web portal.