Add, Delete, and Manage Columns

By adding a column to your fill chart or bid sheet, you can present more information to inform your merchandising decisions. Read on to learn how to add, rearrange, and delete columns.


  1. Click the vertical ellipses at the top of the chart and select "Manage columns" from the options menu.
  2. Notice the highlighted blue row titled "In Window" on the left side of the Manage Columns box.
    1. This row showcases a list of the existing columns present in your workspace, in the order of how they're listed in the table.
  3. By clicking the "Library" option, we can see a complete list of all the data available to customize your workspace.
  4. To add a column, select the data you'd like to add and click the "Add" button.
  5. To rearrange the order of your columns, click back to the "in Window" menu item, select the column you'd like to rearrange by clicking on the hamburger icon, and drag it to the desired position.
    1. The full report is immediately updated.
  6. To delete a column, simply select the trash can icon to the right of the column row.