Setting up a Page

In this article, we will show you step-by-step how to create a quote spreadsheet and candle chart. We'll cover: adding and configuring a quote spreadsheet, adding/positioning a candle chart and managing and rearranging columns.

Bushel Trade lets you build highly-customized pages based on your trading preferences.

These pages are composed of individual windows with special functionality called "widgets". Widgets can be resized, rearranged, and have their own unique settings associated with them.

Let's start with a blank page.

For this page, we'll be adding a quote spreadsheet and a candle chart.

Adding and configuring a quote spreadsheet

  1. Select the quote spreadsheet link under the "Quotes" widget section.
    1. You can use an existing commodity list, or you can create a new one by clicking "New List."
  2. Type in the commodity you want to track or type in the commodity symbol.
  3. Retrieve futures month data by typing in the current month or "?1" to ensure the nearest futures month is presented.
    1. Repeat this process, and incrementally change the "?1" to a "?2," "?3" and "?4," separating each by a comma.
  4. Click "OK."

If you'd like to add a chart to this page, select the "+" button next to your quote spreadsheet widget tab. Click the candle chart (this will display a 60-minute candle chart).

Managing Columns

  1. To edit the columns on the quote spreadsheet, select the ellipses next to the quote spreadsheet tab.
  2. Select "manage columns."
  3. Select the desired options.
  4. Click "Add" and return to the "In Window" button.
    1. The options added should now be included in the "In window" list. 
To the right of the "In Window" item, you'll see a list of the active columns in your spreadsheet. The "All Columns" menu item lists every possible option you can add to your column. The remaining items below it organize the options according to different categories.

Rearrange columns
Select and drag the hamburger menu next to each option to rearrange the column order for your spreadsheet. 

Resize columns

Hover to the edge of the columns until a double arrow appears. Click and drag the arrow to resize the columns so you can see all the information in your spreadsheet.

Add/position candle chart
To add the candle chart next to your quote spreadsheet, click and hold the chart tab, dragging it to your desired location. A highlighted box will show you where the chart can be added.