Supported Browsers and Operating Systems.

To avoid technical complications, please ensure you’re always using an updated and supported browser and/or Operating System

When using a Bushel Website, the CMS, Trade, Web Portal, Bushel Farm, or GrainBridge on the web, please use the following platforms and browsers:


  • Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge - Javascript & Cookies must be enabled.
    Internet Explorer is not supported as many old browsers have security issues.


  • Google Chrome, Safari are supported. Javascript & Cookies must be enabled.


  • Google Chrome, Mobile Safari - Javascript & Cookies must be enabled.


  • Google Chrome - Javascript & Cookies must be enabled

Important notes from Support:

  • We will always request that users update to the latest version of their browser and their Operating System mainly to resolve bugs that pose security issues or the OS feature is only resolved and/or found in a newer version of the OS.

  • Regardless of the platform and whether or not you are using the app or the website, Javascript and Cookies must be enabled.