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Aggregate and Understand Grain Delivery Data With Ticket Summaries

This article illustrates Ticket Summaries and how to navigate and filter them.


Ticket summaries give growers the ability to discern critical insights with ease by providing a high-level overview of their grain deliveries. With Ticket Summaries, growers can quickly and easily answer important questions like:

How many bushels did I deliver this week?

How many loads have I delivered to a specific location?

What is my average moisture for the previous two days?

Nticket summariesavigate Ticket Summaries

  1. Navigate to the “Ticket” icon to look first at the Ticket List page.
    1. This is where tickets are displayed in list form according to their creation upon delivery of grain.
  2. Click on the “Summary”.
    1. This page summarizes the Ticket List screen, communicating their overarching ticket status.

Filter Ticket Summaries

Growers can apply a range of filters to the ticket summaries to concentrate on one particular set of tickets. Filters immediately accessible are: Commodity, Term, and Status. Additional filters are found by clicking “More."

Filters can persist and operate in both the Ticket List and Ticket Summary screens. This means growers can apply a filter on the Ticket List page, and it will transfer to the Ticket Summary page. They can also adjust filters on the Ticket Summary page.

An example of two ways to arrive at a Wheat Ticket Summary page is provided below:

Filters Applied on the Ticket List Page Filters Applied on the Ticket Summary Page
  1. Visit the "Ticket List" page.
  2. Apply the "Wheat" filter.
  3. Click "Ticket Summary."
  4. "Wheat Summary" will now display on the "Ticket Summary" page.
  1. Visit the "Ticket Summary" page.
  2. Click "Ticket Summary."
  3. Apply the "Wheat" filter.
  4. "Wheat Summary" will now display on the "Ticket Summary" page.