Aggregate and Understand Grain Delivery Data With Ticket Summaries

Ticket Summaries are a powerful tool for producers. Rather than trying to aggregate ticket information in their head, growers can view summarized data of current tickets. This article illustrates Ticket Summaries and how to navigate and filter them.

Ticket summaries give growers the ability to discern critical insights with ease by providing a high-level overview of their grain deliveries. With Ticket Summaries, growers can quickly and easily answer important questions like:

How many bushels did I deliver this week?

How many loads have I delivered to a specific location?

What is my average moisture for the previous two days?

This feature was truly built with the grower in mind. Ticket summaries are easy to navigate and easy to customize, so that summarized results can be obtained at the tap of a finger. 

Nticket summariesavigating Ticket Summaries

Traditionally, growers will click on the “Ticket” icon to look first at the Ticket List  page. This is where tickets are displayed in list-form according to their creation upon a delivery of grain.

Growers can then click on the “Summary” icon which will lead them to the Ticket Summary screen. This page summarizes the Ticket List screen, communicating their overarching ticket status. To the right is a sample grower’s ticket summary for three commodities without any filters applied.

Filtering Ticket Summaries

Growers can apply a range of filters to the ticket summaries to concentrate on one particular set of tickets. Filters immediately accessible are: Commodity, Term, and Status. Additional filters found by clicking “More” are: Account ID, Date Range, and Crop Year.

Filters can persist and operate in both Ticket List and Ticket Summary screens. This means growers can apply a filter on the Ticket List page, and it will transfer to the Ticket Summary page. They can also adjust filters on the Ticket Summary page.

An example of two ways to arrive at a Wheat Ticket Summary page is provided below:

wheat ticket summary

Even after navigating away from either List or Summary page, the filters will still remain until the user wishes to adjust or remove the filter. Removing or adjusting the filter can be done from either the Ticket List page or the Ticket Summary page.

Aggregate data without the spreadsheet

This powerful and intuitive tool enables growers to make decisions in the field based off real-time aggregate ticket data without having to log on to the computer and create a spreadsheet to group, filter, and sum up their tickets by hand. Using the navigation examples provided in this article, an app user can quickly navigate their Ticket Summary page and filter their data to achieve the desired records.