Document the Origin of Your Grain Deliveries With Field Names on Scale Tickets

Learn how to add, edit and manage field names on scale tickets in your Bushel Mobile app.

Field names on scale tickets provide an easy way to connect grain deliveries back to the field level, bridging the gap between production agriculture and grain origination. Let's walk through a few common scenarios to help you begin tracing your scale tickets back to the field. 

Please note: field name entries are only visible to growers within the app and will not record to any ERP systems or the Bushel admin tool's data viewer.


Adding a field name
In the main menu of your Bushel mobile app, click on "Tickets." This will bring you to the list view of your scale tickets. Navigate to whichever scale ticket you'd like to add a field name to and click on "View Detail."

You can see here that there's now a "Field Name" section. Since we haven't added a field name to the scale ticket yet, it says "No Field Name Applied." To create a field name to add, click "Manage."

And we've already pre-populated a few in here, but the first time you come in, there may not be a field name, so click "Add New Field." You can enter any alphanumeric field name you'd like.

We'll do "Colette's back 40." And click "Save." Colette's back 40 is now available to assign to any scale ticket. Select that name and click "Apply."

You can now see that Colette's back 40 is included in that scale ticket detail.

Adding more than one field name
In the Bushel Mobile app you can add as many field names to a single scale ticket as you would like.

To begin, click on "Tickets" in the main menu. From there, navigate to "View Detail" on any scale ticket.

Find the ticket you'd like to add more than one field name to. Click "Manage," and select as many field names you would like to be applied to that scale ticket.

In this case, there were loads of grain coming from both fields 123 and field 234. With both selected, click "Apply."

Managing list of field names

Starting back at the main menu screen of your Bushel Mobile app, click on "Tickets." Click "View Detail" on any scale ticket, and click "Manage" under the field name section.

This will bring you to the list of saved field names that you have created in the past. You can only edit a field name one at a time, so select one field name that you would like to edit.

In this example, we're going to change the field name "Field 345" to "Highway 20 Acres." Click "Save."

You can now see that Field 345 has been changed to Highway 20 Acres. Click "Apply" to assign this field name to the scale ticket.

Searching for field names
From the main menu, navigate to "Tickets," and then click on "View Detail." Locate the search bar at the top and enter the field name you're looking for. In this example, we'll find "Colette's Back 40."

De-select "Highway 20 Acres," click on "Collette's Back 40" and hit "Apply." Colette's Back 40 has now been applied as the field name to this scale ticket.

Applying multiple field names
You may want to apply the same field name to many scale tickets. To accomplish this, start at the main menu and click on "Tickets." Use the sorting functionality at the top of your tickets list view to narrow down your criteria for applying a field name.

In this example, we'll apply the same field name to all of the corn scale tickets. Click the "Crop" filter,  select "Corn" and hit "Apply Filter." This will display all scale tickets for corn. 

Next, click the upper right hand ellipses - 19 tickets have been selected. You can either choose to export or bulk apply field names. Click "Apply Field Names."

You'll see another message asking you to confirm that you'd like to apply the field names. Click "Yes." You'll be directed back to the list of field names you've previously entered. If you'd like to add a new field name, click the "Add New Field" link below the search bar.