How to Manage Users

Permission your staff for the Bushel Admin Tool.

Access User Management in the Bushel Admin Tool

Click “User Management” on the left side of the screen.

Click ‘+Add User’.

Add User Information

Add user name and email address.


Give your users different permissions to reflect their role.

Admin - create/delete admin tool users and set their permissions.

Global Send - ability to send push notifications to all users, regardless if they are logged in or not. 

Reports* - access to logged in user and eSign reports.

Global eSign - view all contacts sent from all admin tool users. 

Data Viewer* - access to the admin tool's data viewer where you can access Contracts, Scale Tickets, etc.  

*Not available for Lite customers.

Location Permissions

Permission your users to communicate with the locations they work with. 

Cash Bids* - Permission your users to only update bids at the locations they work with.

Push Notifications - Permission your users to only send push notifications and eSign contracts to locations that they work with.   

*Only available if you update your cash bids in the Bushel Admin Tool.  

Click Submit.

The user will now get an email that will have them set up their account using their email and password. 

New Account Creation Login Flow

New Account Creation Email

New users will receive an email from to set up login credentials. Click ‘Create a Password’.

Create and Confirm Password

User will be able to create and confirm their own unique password. 

Forgot Password?

If a user forgets their password they can reset it by selecting ‘Forgot Password?’ Type in the email address associated with the account and click ‘Send Password Reset’. User will receive an email to reset their password.

If a user fails to set up an account within the first 48 hours, they will need to go to the admin tool and click on the forgot password button.