What to do during the Development stage

The Development stage is when Bushel’s Integrations team builds your company's branded app. They use your specific ERP and our Bushel platform to create just what your growers need.

Soon your growers will be able to access their contracts, cash bids, commodity balances, settlements, and more through the channel we create between your ERP and our platform. The Development stage is when we forge this data channel.

Development Stage For You

For your company, the Development stage means performing a ‘spring cleaning’ of your customer contact database. This is a step that will ensure smoother adoption of your app. By organizing your grower contact information, the process of getting your growers up and running on the app will go quicker for both sides and will kickstart a successful app launch.

What you need to actually do

During this stage, your efforts will be focused on Auditing your Customer Database and Recruiting Testers. Auditing your customer database refers to the painstaking, but fruitful, task of cleaning and organizing your customer contact information. Uniform contact information will be necessary to connect growers to their app login capabilities via cell number. 

Recruiting testers will consist of finding a small variety of folks to test your app for the specific functionality that your company needs from its app. This will prepare you for the Soft Launch stage. During Soft Launch, your first true grower logins will happen slowly, giving your team time to learn the ropes of helping growers take advantage of the new technology.

What we are doing

While you’re doing that, the Bushel Integrations Engineers will focus on Developing your Bushel-powered App by passing on the information from your ERP to the Bushel platform and Testing for Quality Assurance by engaging our internal testers. 

This stage can take between one and four weeks, depending on the ERP your company uses. 

Clean up your Database

Growers login to the app using a cell phone number tied to their account, so it is vital that your database contains up-to-date information. You should scrub your list of growers and their associated cell phone numbers before your app is ready for Soft Launch. Scrubbing your data entails locating growers who don’t have a cell phone associated with their name and filling in that information. Outdated phone numbers should be updated. These steps ensure that any grower who wants to use the app can access it using their current cell number.

Additionally, be sure that all of your phone numbers are formatted the same. For example, your ERP may need all numbers to be formatted exactly as (701)555-2020 or simply 7015552020 in order for the ERP and Bushel platform to communicate the information seamlessly. A phone number not in the right format may get lost in translation and plug up the data channel. Contact your Integration Coordinator for help determining what phone number columns are used in your ERP. 

Below are some FAQ’s about grower numbers and how they function within the Bushel platform.

Grower Phone Numbers: Frequently Asked Questions 

What if a grower has their phone number attached to multiple accounts?

When the grower logs in using their cell phone number, all the accounts will display within the app. They will be able to filter tickets, contracts, and settlements per account.

What if there are multiple phone numbers attached to the same account?

All cell phone numbers tied to an account in the database can access that account simultaneously. This can be useful for family farms that have multiple people able to access the account.

Can someone (Bob) not associated with the account log into the account?

Yes, if given permission from the grower account holder (Terry). Bob will begin login using Terry’s phone number. Terry will receive a login code on his device, and then share that code with Bob to complete the log in. A common use case for this would be for a farmhand or if the grower would like to access their account on the iPad.

Note: There is an option within the app to ‘Reset All Devices’ that will log out all devices that are currently logged into that account.

You're one step closer!

Rectifying your grower information database may call for quite a few cups of coffee, or even a team effort. But once it’s all straightened out, your database will be in position for our Bushel team to integrate into the platform. Don’t worry - we’re laboring right alongside you - building your very own app. This step is an undertaking, but your well-groomed customer contact information has us one step closer to releasing your app! If you have concerns at any point in the Development journey, we are glad to answer your questions.