Schedule Push Notifications

Scheduling push notifications is a great way to make sure your growers stay informed of new updates. Use the scheduling tool to plan your communications for holiday hours, upcoming equipment maintenance, events, etc.

Go to Notifications in the Bushel Admin Tool

Click Notifications (under APP MGMT) on the left side of the screen. 

Click + Notification in the upper right corner. 

Create Push Notification

Using the steps to create a push notification found here


Scheduling a send time can be done by selecting the Date, Time, and Timezone you would like the message to go out at.

Click Submit

The scheduled notification will appear under the scheduled tab on the left side of the screen. After your Push Notification is sent out at the scheduled time, it will be deleted from the scheduled tab. 

Edit Scheduled Notifications

You can edit your scheduled push notification by clicking on the pencil icon or delete it using the trash can icon.