How to sign up for Bushel Wallet

Complete the one-time sign-up process for Bushel Wallet so you can send and receive payments with your grain elevator

To get started with Payments, you’ll need to take a few minutes and set up your free Bushel Wallet account (learn more about Bushel Wallet here).  During enrollment, we’ll ask questions about your agribusiness such as your business type, industry classification, along with your SSN and/or business EIN number.  

You’ll also add and link at least one of your business bank accounts to your Bushel Wallet.  Linking your business bank account allows you to withdraw payments you receive or make payments to others.

  1. Open your elevator's mobile app 
  2. Select Payments
  3. You’ll be prompted for either Face ID or Touch ID if enabled
    (Please note: if you are not enrolled with FaceID or TouchID, you will be required to do so for your account security purposes)
  4. Select Bushel Wallet 
  5. Wallet Enrollment pops up within the elevator's mobile app
  6. Sign in to Bushel Wallet using your phone number
  7. Enter the 6-digit SMS Code which will be sent to your mobile device for verification purposes
  8. Update your Bushel Account by entering a new password in
    (Please note: this password will allow you to access your Bushel Wallet from a desktop or mobile phone)
  9. Confirm your password again and select Continue
  10. View and Agree to the Terms and Conditions
  11. Follow the prompts Wallet Enrollment for business or individual, however you've set up your business
  12. Return automatically to your elevator's mobile app
  13. Start using Payments!

Learn more about Bushel Wallet here