Set Up The Google Play Store for your Bushel-Powered App

Your Bushel-powered App will reside in the Play Store so that your growers can access it from an Android Device.

By creating a Play Store account, you will have permission to your Bushel-powered App in the Play Store. By adding the Bushel Team to the account, they can upload your app initially and update your app as new features are developed.

Before you begin: 

The Play Store requires a $25 one-time fee, so have a company payment option on hand.


Steps to Setting Up an Account

  1. Begin by creating your company Play Store account.
    1. If you don’t have a Google account, create a company Google email address here.
  2. Create a Play Store Account at using your company Google account as the login.
  3. Accept the Developer Agreement, pay the registration fee, and fill out your account details.
  4. Add the Bushel Team as a Play Store User for app loading and updating purposes.
  5. Begin by launching the Play Store Console at
  6. Click ‘Settings’ and then click ‘User and Permissions.
  7. Invite a new user by entering the following: 


Access expiry date: Never

Roll: Administrator


You have successfully set up the Play Store for Android by creating a Play Store account and adding the Bushel team as a Play Store User. 


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